Friday, July 1, 2011

Differences between clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles

Many people do not recognize a roof tile material until starts looking for a new roof! And is not because the difference isn't notorious, but because when we have to do an important investment in our home, we look for the best and for the return on investment.

So, here are some basic differences between clay and concrete roof tiles:

- Clay roof tiles do not fade: their color last basically for the life of the tile (which is a long time!).
- Concrete roof tiles weight more: the difference 35% and more, depending on the model of the tile. Your house structure will suffer less as clay roof tiles can be considered light weight, and you may not need to reinforce it if you are changing your roof from another material.
- Clay roof tiles, especially ceramic roof tiles (those that have a fired coating color on them, matte or glazed) absorb less watter than concrete. This means less maintenance: concrete tiles need pressure wash every 2 years or less depending on the weather and the specific water absorption of the tile. The low absorption helps keep the tiles free of mold, mildew, black stains on your roof.
- You will get a better return on your investment because: clay roof tiles will keep their color over the years, almost maintenance free, and everybody knows clay roof tiles mean quality, high end finish and unique beauty. It's your home, so why not do an improvement that is worth and that will pay off.

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  1. Really appreciating,Both of these materials are incredibly strong and durable. Concrete roof tiles last up to 50 years on average. While this is much longer than many other roofing materials,.I am renovated my house with clay roof tiles because of Fire safety,durability,air circulation etc natural roof tiles can last for centuries, and won't break down due to wind, moisture or rain.......

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  3. Wow, I didn’t know that clay roof tiles are more practical to use. Both of these tiles are very efficient to use because they can last for a long time, but clay roof tile seems to be a better choice. Aside from being an environmentally friendly roofing material, it won’t easily break down due to wind or rain. I’ll definitely read more about this. :)

    Richard Boles

  4. What is the major difference between clay roof and tiles roof? i want to know about it? Admin please explain it briefly.

  5. What is the major difference between clay roof and tiles roof? i want to know about it? Admin please explain it briefly. Liquid roof RV

  6. I cant say something particular if you ask 'Clay' or 'Concrete'.

    Both are incredible. Both has its own advantages and disadvantages. But disadvantages are negotiable when compared to its advantages. As we all know, nothing is perfect. It should be maintained when maintenance is needed.

    Concrete tile costs less than it costs for tile. But tile has more lifespan than that of concrete. At the same time, clay is popular in its red color, but concrete has its wide range of colors.

    I have done concrete tile roofing in my home. It just looks elegant and I love it!

  7. Thanks so much for posting this information for clay roof tiles. I have been really interested in finding out more about clay roof tiles . I feel like this really helped!

  8. Clay roofing tiles seem to be predominately from Europe with France and Italy being recognised producers of quality Clay roof tiles.

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